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The prevalence of persistent disabling pain and associated opiod dependencies, loss of productivity, depression and suicide, hits rural communities hardest. Pain Revolution, led by Professor Lorimer Moseley AO, aims to take on this massive problem by embedding the capacity to prevent and overcome persistent pain within rural and regional communities. Considering that 1 in 4 rural Australians deals with chronic pain and that chronic pain increases risk of cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, depression, suicide and stroke, bringing effective education and management strategies to rural Australia stands to transform communities now and into the future.


Pain Revolution's vision is that all Australians will have access to the knowledge, skills and local support to prevent and overcome persistent pain. A recent British Medical Journal paper concluded that pain education combined with active and self-management strategies is the most effective way to promote sustainable improvements in the lives of people challenged by chronic pain (1). By donating to Pain Revolution, you will be directly supporting the delivery and evaluation of our programs. Funds raised will:


  • Provide scholarships to rural health professionals to undergo extensive training and support to bring modern pain understanding and treatment to their communities and to take a leadership role in establishing local learning circles where health professionals can learn about modern pain science and care.
  • Support networks of health professionals in reaching out to their general community to provide free pain education and guidance towards effective pain management strategies.
  • Allow Pain Revolution to evaluate what works, for whom and in what contexts, which will allow us to continually improve our offerings and touch more lives, more quickly and with more oomph!


Remember that for THIS ride, all riders are paying all their own costs and taking time out of their week so that every last cent of your donation goes to Pain Revolution, not to give them a great week!


To learn more about The Pain Revolution, click here.


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