The Great Hall - defining the heart of the campus

Pridham Hall - Defining the heart of the campus

Embed yourself in the DNA of Pridham Hall

Staff can become a part of the Pridham Hall story by making a donation of AUD$1,000 to embed themselves in the DNA of Pridham Hall in one of the permanent sculptural features of the facility.

Under the guidance of our design team and led by JamFactory, South Australia’s leading arts studio, we have selected three spaces and sculptural forms where we can display your name and your three words in key parts of Pridham Hall.

You can choose to embed your name and three words onto the blades of the Chandelier or have them carved on the Inverted Pyramid, both of which will be part of the impressive foyer of Pridham Hall.

Your name and three words will become a permanent fixture that will forever inform and inspire generations of students, staff, alumni and visitors. For further information about this initiative please visit the Pridham Hall website.

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Workplace giving – making a tax effective gift

UniSA staff can embed themselves in the DNA of Pridham Hall by making a workplace giving pledge of as little as $25 per fortnight (over 40 pay cycles) giving you an after tax expenditure of $16.38 per fortnight or less depending on your individual tax bracket. You can register for this by completing the below form, which will be forwarded to payroll.

Alternatively, if you would like to make a one-off donation of $1,000 you can also do so pre-tax through workplace giving by selecting the one-off donation option on the workplace giving online form. By donating pre-tax, your $1,000 gift will only end up costing your net salary between $510 and $655 depending on your current tax level.

Pridham Hall UniSA Staff Form

Support Pridham Hall through Payroll Deductions
My details
My contact details
My name & three words to live by
We ask you to nominate your preferred area to ensure your space is secured. However, if you change your mind you can notify Advancement Services and changes can be made subject to availability.
Names and three words will be added on a batch basis after completion of your $1000 pledge. If you would like further information please contact Advancement Services on (08) 8302 7375 or
I request that the following Workplace Giving arrangements be implemented from the next available pay.
Please accept the Workplace Giving terms and conditions to commence payment from the next available pay.